Instant Pore Reducer

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Instant Pore Reducer

  • Reduces the appearance of pores instantly
  • Creates a matte and intensely smooth finish
  • Clinically proven effective

Large pores: how can you get rid of them?

Pores are small openings in the skin that release oils and sweat. They are a necessity for our skin but sometimes they can appear more noticeable on the nose and forehead. Large pores are both genetic as age-related. The amount of collagen decreases by aging. Therefore the facial skin loses elasticity and gets less firm.

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Diminish the appearance of pores in only 1 minute5

The appearance of pores can be minimized but total elimination is not possible as they are really necessary. Remescar Instant Pore Reducer is an effective facial cream which aims to reduce the appearance of pores and create a smooth skin in less than one minute.

Tips & tricks on how to use
  • Instant

  • Skin perfector

  • Mattifying

How are my pores minimized?

Remescar Instant Pore Reducer is made of unique active ingredients: a complex of optical microspheres, seboregulating plants and skin building plankton.

All three main ingredients ensure a reduction of pores. The complex of optical microspheres gives an instant blurring effect. Seboregulating plants decrease the diameter and volume of pores. The skin building plankton eliminates dead skin cells.

Together, these unique ingredients are softening imperfections and minimizing the pores. They create a matte layer while giving the skin a smooth feeling. The results last up to several hours.

5 Based on the reduction of pore dimension by means of biometric measurements after a single application (Blinded, positive-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of pores).

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