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Step 1: Wash your face gently and pat dry.

Step 2: If you are using a moisturizer (day cream or eye cream), always allow time for your moisturizer to be fully absorbed before applying Remescar Instant Pore Reducer.

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Step 3: Squeeze out a sufficient amount of Remescar Instant Pore Reducer on your fingertip. Start with a pea-size amount, you can always add more if needed.

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Step 4: Gently apply using your fingertips, with light strokes on your cheeks, nose and forehead. Work from the inside of the face outward.

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Step 5: After the product is absorbed into your skin, continue with your makeup routine as normal. Remescar Instant Pore Reducer can be used to keep makeup in place or on its own for a picture perfect skin.

To remove: Cleanse applied area with your chosen facial cleanser

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