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Voorbeeld spider veins

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin characterized as purple, blue or red lines. They are similar to varicose veins but are much thinner in diameter and not palpable.

Although there is no major health risk associated with spider veins, the social embarrassment can be a personal issue causing a person to seek for a solution. Current medication doesn’t address all aspects of people suffering from spider veins, e.g. superficial treatment, instant effect, …

Targeted zones

  • legs

  • abdomen

  • face

How does Remescar Spider Veins work?

Remescar Spider Veins is an innovative medical device designed for the prevention and treatment of superficial discolored, visual and structural imperfections (spider veins) by forming a long lasting breathable occlusive film over and around the affected skin. This thin and discrete barrier has several active properties.

The product will protect the skin from toxic aggressors and inhibit the vascular damage. Thanks to the phospholipid-induced spherical film, it will lead to an excellent integration of the cream into the skin lipid barrier.

In addition, Remescar Spider Veins will protect and provide structural support. Formation of new blood vessels will be prevented, the redness of the vascular lesions decreased and the microcirculation improved.

As a result of these properties, Remescar Spider Veins will also reinforce and visually improve the skin surface.

Customer reviews

5 reviews
5 out of 5 stars
Five Stars

12 June 2020

Amazon Customer

Definitely reduces red veins on my face. You do have to maintain application as instructed

Five Stars

12 June 2020


I love this stuff! Wish I'd taken before and after pictures. Really works, what more can I say?

Five Stars

12 June 2020


Thank You!

Spider web cream

23 May 2020



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3 Decrease of spider veins appearance in a star (red spectrum) value performed in a clinical test during 3 months.

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