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Remescar Scar Stick

  • For old and new scars
  • Smoothes, softens and helps to reduce scar tissue
  • Easy to use stick applicator
  • For all areas of the face and body
  • Use twice a day for 2 to 3 months
  • Invisible upon application
  • 5,4g or 10g stick

All about this product

Scars belong to the past

80% of the population has scars. Scars appear when a wound has healed after an accident, operation, burns, acne, etc. The formation of new tissue gives the skin another structure as the original one. Scars are initially red an thick but they gradually fade over time.

Remescar Scar Stick assists in the healing process of both new and old scars. It aims to release a thin and discreet silicone-based film to provide a suitable healing micro-environment for the scar while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance.

Targeted zones

  • Burnmarks

  • Scars

  • Surgery

  • Post laser

Scar Stick in action

How does Remescar Scar Stick work?

The scar stick is based on 3 ingredients that are clinically proven to have a beneficial effect on scars.

First of all, the silicone film shield hydrates, protects and restores the upper layer of the skin and stimulates collagen production. It also increases the scar elasticity and reduces the redness at itching.

β-glucan has strong, calming, protective and hydrating properties. It's an excellent film former. The combination of β-glucan with polymeric film formers such as PVP (Polyvinyl pyrrolidone) and PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) help to accelerate the wound healing process.

Besides the film formation, which is the first and most important action of Remescar, it also contains strong UV filters. It is widely known that scars need to be protected from UV radiation. That is why this scar stick incorporates powerful UV-A and UV-B filters.

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