Remescar Crow's Feet

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Reduces crow's feet
Instant visible results
Effective from the first application
Clinically proven
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Remescar Claims RSCF01 MF

Diminish your crow's feet

Crow's feet or laugh lines represent a happy life full of facial expressions. As you age, these lines deepen and make you look older than you really are. The delicate skin around the eyes is extremely thin and is especially vulnerable. That's why signs of aging will emerge first in this area of the face.

You can reduce your crow's feet up to 73% instantly3 by using Remescar Crow's Feet. It is an instant and effective cream which helps to reduce and diminish the appearance of crow's feet with just one single application per day.

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Remescar Before After RSCF Before

  • Instant

  • Tightens

  • Skin filling

  • Clinically proven

How to use Remescar Crow's Feet

No more crow's feet thanks to Remescar. Note that Remescar Crow's Feet is a highly concentrated formula with active ingredients. Take your time to watch the tutorials in order to get the best results.

How does Remescar Crow's Feet work?

Remescar Crow's Feet makes you experiences an instant effect due to its revolutionary eWRINK-Technology. This technology immediately targets and tightens skin structures around the eyes by using a unique combination of plant silicones, clay minerals, phyto-saccharides and concentrated glucoside particles. These will fill in wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

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1 Based on the variation according to a 4 point- photonumeric rating scale. (Randomized assessor-blinded split-face controlled clinical in-use study of a topically applied cosmetic product in the treatment of eye bags and dark circles)
2 Based on statistical analysis on the algorithmic segmentation of wrinkle images.
3 Based on the reduction of the depth of the crow’s feet by means of biometric measurements after a single application. (Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of crow’s feet)

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