Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles

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Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles

  • Erases the appearance of eye bags and dark circles
  • Instant visible results
  • Effective from the first application
  • Easy to combine with make-up

How can I get rid of my eye bags or dark circles?

There is no clear answer on: "why do I have eye bags or dark circles?". Eye bags under the eyes or dark circles can have different causes. When you're tired or stressed, the under eye skin can be swollen and dark as a symptom of your physical or mental fatigue. It's also common as you age: the skin around the eyes is weakening which can result in bags under the eyes.

However eye bags & dark circles are harmless, a lot a people would love to get rid of them as they may have a bad influence on your self-confidence.

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Instant visible results in only 1 application1

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles in an instant and effective eye cream which helps you to diminish eye bags and dark circles in only a few minutes. It's important to know that the results last up to 10 hours. You can combine Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles perfectly with makeup. Please take note of the right order of products to achieve the best results.

Watch our tutorials to achieve the best results

Live demonstration

Watch the live demonstrations in order to see the results of Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles for yourself.
You can already see a difference after 1 or 2 minutes.

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Product features

  • Instant

  • Drains

  • Tightens

  • Clinically proven

How to use Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles?

Get rid of your dark circles and eye bags together with Remescar.
Note that Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is a highly concentrated formula with active ingredients.
Take your time to watch the tutorials in order to get the best results.

Why is Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles this effective?

Because of the unique EYE-RASE Technology, Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is giving instant results in only one application.

This new technology, using a unique combination of clay minerals, peptides, caffeinated complex and microalgea, has a triple action:

  1. Strong skin tightening
  2. A decrease of fluid accumulation under the eyes
  3. Correcting the visual effect of dark circles

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is clinically proven effective and 100% safe for your skin.

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1 Based on the variation according to a 4 point- photonumeric rating scale. (Randomized assessor-blinded split-face controlled clinical in-use study of a topically applied cosmetic product in the treatment of eye bags and dark circles)
2 Based on statistical analysis on the algorithmic segmentation of wrinkle images.
3 Based on the reduction of the depth of the crow’s feet by means of biometric measurements after a single application. (Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of crow’s feet)

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