Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks

  • improves and corrects all types of stretch marks
  • same professional ingredient as doctors use
  • clinically proven results

Everything you need to know

Fade your stretch marks and prevent them.

Remescar Stretch Marks is a silicone-based cream which aims to treat your current stretch marks and wants to prevent your skin for upcoming stretch marks.

Remescar Stretch Marks is a silicone-based cream which treats and prevents stretch marks by releasing a long lasting protective film that will cover the affected skin

Product features

How does Remescar Stretch Marks works?

The aim of Remescar Stretch Marks is preventing, managing and treating old and new stretch marks. The product releases a transparent, thin and silicone based film which creates a barrier over the affected skin. This specific barrier will protect and allow the skin to heal while maintaining its natural moisture balance.

A hydrated skin will be stronger and less prone to possible skin problems that's why Remescar Stretch Marks will help to prevent the forming of new stretch marks.

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