Remescar Instant Pore Reducer

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Reduces the appearance of pores instantly
Creates a matte and intensely smooth finish
Mattifying effect: reduces shiny skin
Skin feels soft
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Large pores: where do they come from?

Pores are necessary for our skin: they spread sebum across the skin, which is useful to make the skin act as a proper barrier. Without sebum, our skin becomes dry and prone to irritation. Healthy pores are usually not really visible.

Large pores are blocked or stretched pores. When the skin's sebum production is out of balance, for example due to a build-up of dead skin cells or hormone fluctuations, some pores may get clogged. This makes the pores more visible than before. Skin ageing also contributes to increased pore visibility: the skin loses its elasticity, making the pore walls less firm.

Remescar Instant Pore Reducer: reduce large pores and mattify shiny skin

Although large pores are not harmful to our health, they are often perceived as unpleasant. Remescar Instant Pore Reducer offers a solution against both large pores and shiny skin.

Reduce pores and eliminate imperfections

Remescar Instant Pore Reducer is a face cream that helps to reduce large pores in less than one minute. Apply the cream to hydrated skin and wait one minute to enjoy the results straight away. One great advantage is that you no longer need to use make-up after using this cream. Your skin is spotless, even and matte and feels soft to the touch.

Remark: Clinical studies have shown that this pore reducer cream significantly decreases both the diameter and the volume of pores.

Mattify shiny skin

The T-zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin) often has shiny skin. Remescar’s Instant Pore Reducer has a mattifying effect that instantly reduces shine.

Watch this live demo to see how pores diminish and skin becomes less shiny after using Remescar Instant Pore Reducer.

Who? Liza is a woman who feels it is very important to look after her skin. She has a set routine in which she cleanses her skin daily and applies day and night creams. The challenge? Her large pores. She wants to reduce the size of her pores, but has not found the right product yet. Result? Application of Remescar Instant Pore Reducer immediately makes her large pores less visible and makes her skin look more even and less shiny.

How can you achieve the best results with Remescar Instant Pore Reducer?

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Instant Pore Reducer

Reduces the appearance of open pores in less than 1 minute11 and makes the skin less shiny.

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Product features

  • instant

  • Skin perfector

  • mattifying

How can a cream reduce pores?

Remescar Instant Pore Reducer consists of a unique combination of active ingredients: a complex of optical microspheres, sebum-regulating plant-based substances and skin repair plankton.

These 3 basic ingredients ensure a visible reduction in large pores and have a mattifying effect on the skin.

  1. Optical microsphere complex: blurs imperfections
  1. Sebum-regulating plant-based substances: to reduce the diameter and volume of large pores
  1. Skin repair plankton: eliminates dead skin cells

Together, these 3 ingredients deliver even, glowing skin with pores that are less visible. The result remains visible for up to 10 hours.

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Other product ranges

11 Based on the reduction of pore dimension by means of biometric measurements after a single application (Blinded, positive-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of pores).

Remescar stands for Instant Corrective Skincare. The instant products of Remescar reduce eye bags and dark circles, diminish wrinkles and crow's feet, lift sagging eyelids and minimize open pores. The routine products of Remescar are maximizing the results of the instant products and give a healthy and glowing skin on a long term.

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