Remescar Eye Night Repair

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Remescar Eye Night Repair

  • reduces eye bags & dark circles
  • reduces crow's feet
  • lifts up sagging eyelids

Everything you need to know

Wake up with fresh eyes

Remescar Night Repair is an eye contour cream that's offering a cosmetic treatment during the night.
This cream wants to nourish, hydrate and re-tighten the skin. It lifts up sagging eyelids and reduces eye bags, dark circles and crow's feet.

The only thing that you need to do: having a beauty sleep.

Product features

How does Remescar Night Repair work?

Remescar Eye Night Repair is a cosmetic treatment that reduces eye bags, dark circles and crow's feet and lifts up sagging eyelids during the night, with visible results in 28 days.

Its exclusive i-Rep technology guarantees a cellular supply of oxygen, moisturizes and improves the relief of the skin.

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