Neck lift without surgery with Remescar Neck & Décolleté

When you look in the mirror, you can see that your neck has started to look a little less tight. Seem familiar? Here are our tips on how to firm your neck area without surgery.

What is neck and décolleté sagging?

Sagging means that the skin of the neck and décolleté is becoming less firm. This can have various causes, such as:

  • Age: As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin. These proteins give the skin its firmness and elasticity.
  • UV radiation: UV radiation damages the skin and accelerates the ageing process.
  • Damaging lifestyle choices: Smoking, alcohol and a poor diet can also contribute to sagging skin.

What can you do if you already have wrinkles and sagging skin in the neck and décolleté area?

Hydrate the neck and décolleté area

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. That is why it is important to hydrate the skin in your neck and décolleté area properly. Use a serum that is rich in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturiser that helps hydrate and soothe the skin.

Protect your skin from UV radiation

UV radiation damages the skin and accelerates the ageing process. That is why it's so important to protect your neck and décolleté from UV radiation. Choose a cream with SPF 30 or higher. This protects your neck from harmful UV rays, even when it’s cloudy.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your stomach or side can increase the lines in your neck and décolleté area, so try to sleep on your back.

Exercise your neck

There are a number of exercises you can do to strengthen your neck muscles. These exercises can help to firm the skin of your neck.

  • Move your chin to your chest and hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Turn your head to the right and hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  • Look up and hold this position for 10 seconds.

Use an instant cream to immediately lift the skin in your neck and décolleté area

An instant cream such as Remescar Neck & Décolleté has been specially developed to firm and lift the skin of the neck and décolleté. The cream has an immediate effect, so you can see instant results. To maximise the effect, it is important to follow the prescribed steps properly and accurately.

Remescar Neck & Décolleté is based on L.F.T. Technology. This technology consists of three elements:

  • LIFT: The cream forms a thin layer on the skin for a smoother and firmer effect.
  • FILLER: The cream contains hyaluronic acid, which hydrates and saturates the skin.
  • TRACTION: The cream stimulates collagen production, which gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

Remescar Neck & Décolleté is clinically proven to be effective. Our study showed that the cream significantly firmed skin in the neck and décolleté area.

What do women who have tried the cream say?

"I was a bit sceptical about Remescar Neck & Décolleté at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. The product is easy to use and if you follow the instructions carefully, it really works. Even my friends have noticed the difference."
Anette, 53
"I’m so happy I discovered Remescar Neck & Décolleté! My neck looks much tighter and smoother now. I’m really happy with it."
Annelies, 52
"I’ve always had wrinkles on my neck. Remescar Neck & Décolleté reduced them immediately. I’m super happy!"
Marieke, 45
"I was sceptical, but I was really surprised by the results of Remescar Hals & Décolleté. My neck looks so much younger immediately after I apply it."
Linda, 35

So, what now?

What are you going to do to make your neck and décolleté area firm again? Let's summarise:

  • Start protecting your skin from UV rays today.
  • Stop smoking if you haven't done so already.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Start taking good care of your neck and décolleté.

Want immediate results? Try Remescar Neck & Décolleté. The cream is clinically proven effective for an immediate lifting and firming effect.

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