Remescar Clarifying Toner

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Resets the skin's pH balance
Prepares the skin for serum and moisturizer
Restores the skin's balance
Product features What is ph?

Toner as the first real step in your skincare routine

Like micellar water, a toner is a water-based product. However, it is important to note that there is a big difference between the two products. A toner can be seen as the first real nourishing step in your skincare routine, whereas micellar water mainly cleanses the skin.

On the one hand, Remescar Toner ensures that the skin is in optimal condition to better absorb skincare products such as serum or cream. On the other hand, it restores the pH value of the skin. Good to know: a toner can make dry skin less dry and can make oily skin less oily. This toner will also remove make-up residues or other impurities to ensure that the skin is completely clean.

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Product features

  • Restores the pH balance

  • Prepares the skin for a moisturizer or serum

  • balances your skin

What is the pH value of my skin?

Like all tissues in the body, the skin also has a certain pH value. This value is between 4.5 and 5 and is therefore quite acidic. The skin needs this acidity. The skin's natural protective layer, which consists of sweat, sebum and dead skin cells, keeps out pathogenic bacteria and provides the right conditions for 'good' skin bacteria.

It is therefore very important to keep the pH value in balance. An imbalanced pH value can manifest itself in flaky, dull or red skin. It also means that the skin is less protected against damage and the ageing process.

Remescar Clarifying Toner helps to regulate the skin's acidity level to keep it even and healthy.

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Other product ranges

Remescar stands for Instant Corrective Skincare. The instant products of Remescar reduce eye bags and dark circles, diminish wrinkles and crow's feet, lift sagging eyelids and minimize open pores. The routine products of Remescar are maximizing the results of the instant products and give a healthy and glowing skin on a long term.

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