Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector

Packshot Instant Wrinkle Corrector

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector

  • corrects wrinkles
  • immediate effect
  • clinically proven effective

Everything you need to know

The opportunity to live a wrinkle-free life

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is specially designed to correct small wrinkles around the delicate area of the eyes, between the eyebrows or around the mouth and nose. The treatment takes only a few minutes and it offers you an immediate result.

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How to use Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector?

How does Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector work?

Due to its revolutionary e-WRINK FLEX technology, based on a unique combination of red algae extracts, clay minerals, plans sugars and natural stress-protection molecules, this product fills in wrinkles and gives an instant smoother and younger looking skin.

* Based on statistical analysis on the algorithmic segmentation of wrinkle images.

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