Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector

Contains 8ml - 180 applications
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Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Instantly visible results from the first application
Easy to combine with make-up
Clinically proven to be effective
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How can I reduce the appearance of my wrinkles?

As we age, our skin's density and elasticity diminishes. The resulting lines turn into lasting wrinkles as the skin becomes less flexible. In addition to the ageing process, facial expressions such as smiling, squinting and frowning also contribute to the development of wrinkles.

Wrinkles or fine lines are part of the ageing process. Even though wrinkles do not affect our physical health, they can make us feel insecure.

Immediately reduce wrinkles with Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector

Remescar’s instant anti-wrinkle cream immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Apply the cream, wait a few minutes and you will notice a difference after the first application. The result remains visible for up to 10 hours. This instant anti-wrinkle cream is easy to combine with make-up.

Crow’s feet or laugh lines

Crow’s feet or laugh lines around the eyes are often the first visible signs of ageing. They are often also the first wrinkles to appear, as the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin. With Remescar anti-wrinkle cream you can visibly reduce crow’s feet or laugh lines in just a few minutes.

Frown lines or forehead wrinkles

Frown lines or forehead wrinkles can be fine lines or deeper wrinkles. The skin is less elastic and therefore also less flexible. As a result, expression lines turn into lasting wrinkles. With Remescar’s anti-wrinkle cream, these wrinkles will be less visible than before for up to 10 hours.

Under-eye wrinkles

The eye contour area is very fragile and is usually the first to show visual signs of ageing. That is why wrinkles also appear under the eyes. Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is also suitable for minimising under-eye wrinkles. Tip: for best results, combine the anti-wrinkle cream with a hydrating eye cream.

Smoker's lines or lip wrinkles

The vertical lines on the top lip are often referred to as smoker's lines. Smoking breaks down collagen and therefore has a negative effect on the skin. The constant use of the mouth muscles during inhalation also creates fine lines or wrinkles. Remescar’s anti-wrinkle cream will visibly reduce these vertical wrinkles.

Watch the live demo to see the effects

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector aims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines instantly.
Please watch the live demonstration in order to see the effect of the product after only a few minutes.

How do you achieve the best results with Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector?

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Remescar Before After RSW After
Remescar Before After RSW Before

How to use Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector?

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is the perfect cream to reduce wrinkles. Bear in mind that Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is a concentrated formula with active ingredients. Take your time to take a closer look at these tutorials to achieve the best results.





How does Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

The unique and innovative technology of Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector immediately reduces wrinkles after just one application.

The e-Wrink®Flex technology is based on a unique combination of red algae extracts, clay minerals, plant sugars and natural stress protection molecules. This new technology has the following 3 effects:

  1. Firms the skin: a protective layer instantly tightens the skin.
  2. Fills wrinkles: a strong sugar blend reduces wrinkles and makes skin smoother.
  3. Specific activation of skin cells: natural molecules will activate the cells in ageing skin.

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Other product ranges

1Based on the variation according to a 4 point- photonumeric rating scale. (Randomized assessor-blinded split-face controlled clinical in-use study of a topically applied cosmetic product in the treatment of eye bags and dark circles)

2Based on statistical analysis on the algorithmic segmentation of wrinkle images.

3 Based on the variation according to an eyelid fold severity grading scale. (Double blinded, positive standard-controlled clinical evaluation on the lifting effect of a topically applied cosmetic product on upper eyelids)

5 Based on the reduction of the depth of the crow’s feet by means of biometric measurements after a single application. (Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical evaluation of the reduction of crow’s feet)

Remescar stands for Instant Corrective Skincare. The instant products of Remescar reduce eye bags and dark circles, diminish wrinkles and crow's feet, lift sagging eyelids and minimize open pores. The routine products of Remescar are maximizing the results of the instant products and give a healthy and glowing skin on a long term.

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