Glowing Night Mask

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Glowing Night Mask

Remescar Glowing Night Mask is a unique clarifying and exfoliating leave-on mask. It contains active ingredients (fruit acids , peptides and lipids) that penetrate deep into the skin while you sleep. Leave the face mask on overnight and wake up with a super soft, radiant face.

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Unclogs pores
  • Smooths and clarifies blemishes
  • Brings dull skin back to life
Glowing Night Mask
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Boost your beauty sleep

A lot of people think beauty sleep is a myth, but it is an important term in the skincare world. A good night’s sleep makes your skin look healthier. Skin cells can recover more effectively at night. Skin can renew about 30 times faster at night than during the day. Unfortunately, this process slows down as we get older. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your skin a helping hand, even when you’re asleep.

Product features

  • Stimuleert celvernieuwing

  • Exfoliërende werking

  • Ontstopt poriën

  • Stralend wakker worden

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The benefits of a leave-on face mask at night

The Remescar Glowing Night Mask uses advanced Cushioned skin resurfacing technology to help your skin regenerate while you sleep. The face mask's active ingredients shown below will ensure you wake up with soft and radiant skin.

Fruit acids

Fruit acids are seen as superheroes in skincare. They combat the signs of ageing in a highly effective way. These ingredients help to exfoliate, brighten and retexturize skin.

Beauty peptides

Beauty peptides are specific amino acids that boost the creation of undamaged collagens. That is how these peptides make a unique night-time contribution to beautiful and smooth skin.

Skin-identical lipids

These lipids are essential for the skin's physical structure. This structure is important for skin balance. They are an essential ingredient for skin renewal.

220775 RMSC glowing night mask BOX JAR2
Glowing Night Mask EN2

Curious to try? Try Remescar Glowing Night Mask now

Droge huid

How to use Remescar Glowing Night Mask

  • Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin.
  • Leave on overnight and cleanse your skin as usual in the morning.
  • For the best radiant result, combine with Remescar Glowing Drops in the morning.

1. Breng een dunne laag aan op een schone en droge huid.

2. Laat het 's nachts inwerken en reinig je huid 's ochtends zoals gewoonlijk.

3. Voor het beste stralende resultaat, 's ochtends combineren met Remescar Glowing Drops.

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