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Remescar Corrective Skin Care

Our instant products instantly eliminate under-eye bags, reduce dark circles and wrinkles, lift sagging eyelids and minimise large pores. Our routine products are also suitable as daily care in support of the instant products to ensure radiant and healthy skin in the short and long term.

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1 Based on deviation according to a four-point photonumeric rating scale. (Randomized, rater-blinded and controlled clinical trial of a topically applied cosmetic product for the treatment of eye bags and dark circles)

2 Based on statistical analysis of algorithmic segmentation of wrinkle images.

3 Based on variability according to the eye wrinkle severity rating scale. (A double-blind, positive-standard controlled clinical evaluation of the lifting effect of a topically applied cosmetic product on the upper eyelids)

4 Reduction in the incidence of asterisk-rated spider veins (red spectrum) performed in a clinical trial over a 3-month period. 5 Based on reduction in the depth of the cornea using biometric measurements after a single application. (Blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial of reduction in the depth of the cornea).

5 Most common score based on overall panel assessment by clinical four-point assessment of number, size, and color.

6 Reduction in scar roughness after 8 weeks of treatment.

7 Improvement in appearance of spider veins due to change in a* biometric value after one application.

9 Most frequent score based on overall panel evolution according to clinical four-point scoring of number, size, and color.

10 Based on clinical data on the active ingredients in Remescar Night Repair.

11 Based on pore size reduction by biometric measurements after one application (Blinded, Positive Controlled Clinical Evaluation of Pore Reduction).

Remescar stands for Instant Corrective Skincare. The instant products of Remescar reduce eye bags and dark circles, diminish wrinkles and crow's feet, lift sagging eyelids and minimize open pores. The routine products of Remescar are maximizing the results of the instant products and give a healthy and glowing skin on a long term.

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