General Conditions

    • By participating in the Contest, participants accept, without reservation or restriction, all the provisions stated in the Contest Rules and any of the Organiser's decisions.
    • The Organiser reserves the right to unilaterally suspend, terminate or extend the Contest and/or remove inappropriate Contest content provided by contestants at any time. In the event of fraud or prohibited influencing of the Contest outcome, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude participants.
    • Sylphar NV may amend these general contest rules as required. These rules are available on the website and may be printed from there if desired.
    • The Organiser cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from participation in this Contest, nor can it be held responsible for any failed attempts to participate in the Contest (due to events such as, but not limited to, technical interruptions, delays in receiving or sending emails, data lost or damaged during or after transmission, etc.).
    • In principle, anyone aged 18 or over can take part in an online contest organised by Sylphar NV, with the exception of Sylphar NV employees, suppliers and distributors and their immediate family members to the first degree.
    • Only one member of the same family or person living at the same address may win a prize for the same online contest.
    • Anyone who nevertheless wins a prize without fully meeting all the conditions for participation shall automatically forfeit their entitlement to this prize, without compensation and without recourse.
    • Should any of the provisions in these rules prove to be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions.

    Contest Proceedings and Conditions

    • Participation in the Contest is possible from 10 am on 01/10/2020 to 11:59 pm on 31/10/2020. Contest participation takes place exclusively through and is free of charge.
    • Prizes include 5 x on year of free flowers (Bloomon Netherlands / Belgium & Flora Queen Germany, Spain & Italy) & 100 times a Zalando voucher of 25 euro (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain & Italy).
    • Sylphar NV may change prizes at any time for production or content reasons.
    • Prizes are limited to the (bare) prizes as described under 2.2. In no way may it be assumed that Sylphar NV will provide or grant additional services or products associated with a prize.
    • If a prize concerns items covered by a warranty for consumer goods, such as for electrical and electronic equipment, warranty claims must be made directly to the manufacturer or importer.
    • In order to be eligible to win a prize in the Contest, participants must:
    • Answer a knowledge question correctly
    • Complete a tie-breaker question
    • Enter their contact details on the landing page at
      1. If multiple participants submit correct answers to the knowledge question, the tie-breaker shall determine the winner.
    • Any submission in conflict with the stated rules shall be considered invalid. Consequently, such submissions are ineligible for entry. Any messages containing incomplete, incorrect or illegible information may lead to elimination of the associated entry. Only one entry is allowed per person. Participants may under no circumstances submit entries under multiple pseudonyms or on behalf of another person. In the event of multiple entries, for example through participation at several retail outlets or different addresses (or by assuming different identities or any other means), all the participant's entries shall be rejected and considered invalid.
    • Winners will be notified by email between 4/11/2020 and 30/11/2020 by the Organiser. They will be invited to provide their full name and address to enable the Organiser to send them their prize. Winners must provide the required information before 10/12/2020. After this date they shall forfeit their right to the prize. Prizes that are forfeit shall not be re-awarded.

    Liability of Sylphar NV

    • Sylphar NV cannot be held responsible for the inability to provide a prize if the participant included insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details with their entry.
    • Sylphar NV is not responsible for any shortcomings of postal services and/or courier companies in delivering a prize (such as delay, damage, a strike or loss). For example, if a prize is sent by registered mail or courier and cannot be delivered to the winner in person, Sylphar NV cannot be held responsible if the winner fails to collect the prize at a later date, even if no notification was provided. Nor can Sylphar NV be held liable if, for example, such a notification were to become lost or unacceptably damaged.
    • When delivering a prize under urgent time constraints, participants may be asked to be reachable by telephone at a certain time. This shall be noted on the contest page. In the event of inaccessibility, Sylphar NV may declare the prize forfeit and award it to another participant, without recourse. If the prize is not collected by the winner within the specified period or if the required (confirmation) formalities are not completed within the specified period, the participant shall no longer be entitled to the prize and Sylphar NV may award it to another participant, without recourse.
    • Sylphar NV cannot be held liable for any incidents arising from a winner's acceptance of their prize. Sylphar NV cannot be held responsible or liable for any shortcoming in the prize or a prize's failure to meet expectations.
    • Sylphar NV reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Contest at any time in any individual jurisdiction if legally obliged to do so or for imperative self-regulatory reasons, without entitling participants to any compensation or concession.”

    Personal Data

    • Sylphar NV processes participants' personal data. This data is subject to the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and all Belgian regulations implementing the GDPR.
    • Sylphar NV's policy regarding such personal data can be viewed on the website

    Supervision of the contest

    • Sylphar NV monitors the correct progression of the Contest. If the conditions laid down in the rules are not fully met or in the event of misuse, deception, fraud or malicious intent, Sylphar NV reserves the right to exclude participants from the contest as well as any other Sylphar NV contests, temporarily or permanently, online or not. In such cases, Sylphar NV also reserves the right to demand that the participant return any prizes received and to claim compensation for damages suffered by Sylphar NV (including reputational damage).
    • Contest results are binding and irrevocable. There can be no appeal. Sylphar NV and the contest organisers will not enter into correspondence regarding contest results or proceedings (whether by letter, email or phone). Decisions on winning entries are final.
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