Stretch Marks

Anti stretchmarks lotion

Remescar Stretch Marks is a silicone based cream which treats and prevents stretch marks by releasing a long lasting protective film that will cover the affected skin.

Why using Remescar Stretch Marks?

A clinical study performed by an independent laboratory showed that it reduces up to 50% of stretch marks severity on stomach, hips and legs in just 28 days!*

By releasing a long lasting and thin silicone barrier it will not only cover the affected skin but also protect the skin and moderate inflammation. It will lead to an excellent integration of the cream into the skin as well. In addition, the moisturizing and reconstructive ingredients will generate immediate and long term hydration of the skin, and optimize the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Thanks to these properties and to its medical device technology, Remescar stretch marks will also reinforce and visually improve the skin surface.


Silicone based cream for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks

  • Medical Device Technology
  • Treats existing stretch marks
  • Reduces up to 50% of stretch marks severity in just 28 days!*
  • Prevents new stretch marks
  • Silicone film treatment
  • Immediate and long term hydration
  • Visually improves the skin surface
  • Makes the skin stronger and more resistant
  • With skin reconstructive properties

How does it work?

Remescar stretch marks is designed for the prevention, management and treatment of old and new stretch marks. Remescar Stretch Marks releases a transparent, thin and silicone based film which creates a barrier over the affected skin. This specific barrier will protect and allow the skin to heal while maintaining its natural moisture balance. A hydrated skin will be stronger and less prone to possible skin tears, therefore Remescar Stretch Marks will help to prevent the forming of new skin tears. Also it will moderate inflammation and/or associated pain. The product has a unique composition. It contains skin oriented lipids (phospholipids) which will mimic the lamellar skin structure and lead to an excellent integration into the skin lipid barrier. These unique phospholipids do not disturb the lamellar structure of the skin and as such prevent dehydration of the skin. Besides the unique skin oriented composition, it contains moisturizing and reconstructive ingredients. This will have an immediate and long-term effect on the moisturization of the skin and optimize its natural moisture balance.

How to use?

Carefully read the enclosed instructions before use.

  1. The skin should be clean and dry.
  2. At first time use, open the tube and remove the protective cap.
  3. Remescar stretch marks should be applied gently on the stretch marks or striae.
  4. Massage the cream in until completely absorbed. Do not rub too hard as this will not increase the effectiveness.

Apply Remescar stretch marks twice a day for 2 to 3 months.

As a preventive measure: use from the second month of pregnancy.

On existing stretch marks: use for 3 months continuously on a normal healthy skin.


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