Frequently asked questions

As of which age can Remescar be used?

Remescar is not recommended for children under the age of 6 without supervision. For children less than 1 year old, we recommend to consult a professional before using the product. Read the “instructions for use” before use of the product and check if you are not allergic to one of the ingredients.

For which kind of scars can the product be used?

Remescar reduces new and old scars resulting from injuries, surgery, burn marks, bug bites, acne, stretch marks and post laser spots.

Can I use Remescar on open wounds?

No, you can only use it on closed wounds, clean and dry skin. Remescar cannot be used on: infected wounds, affected skin (for example: acne), mucous membranes, and/or in the eyes.

How many times a day should I use the product?

Use it twice a day during 2 to 3 months.

Can Remescar be used in the sun?

Yes, it contains strong UV-A and AV-B filters.

Does the product leave marks when applied?

No, but it leaves a very discrete opaque and transparent film on the skin.

Can I use Remescar on all parts of the body?

Yes, you can use the product all over the body and face, but be aware of some precautions mentioned in the “instructions for use”.

How does it work?

Remescar releases a transparent, thin and discrete silicone film and creates as such a protective barrier for the healing of scars, while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance.

Can I use Remescar to help avoid scars?

Yes. But if the skin has been ruptured you cannot avoid a scar. You can make it less visible. You can use Remescar only on completely healed wounds.

How long will it take to see a difference in my scar?

You will see an early benefit of Remescar within a few weeks of usage. The itching and discomfort of the scar will weaken. You will see a significant improvement after a couple of months of continuous use.

Will Remescar remove my scar?

It is not possible to make a scar invisible. Remescar will however greatly improve the appearance of most new and old scar tissues.

Are there any precautions before using the product?

In the “instructions for use”, some precautions are mentioned, such as:
- Remescar is for external use only and you should not apply it on open or infected wounds nor place it in contact with mucous membranes or too close to the eyes.
- Do not apply it on third degree burns or skin currently affected by acne.
- Do not use the product if allergic reactions to one of the ingredients are known.


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