Frequently asked questions

Remescar Tired Look

How long does the product last?

Can I still use makeup?

How often can I use the product?

Can the ice cube sensation be unpleasant on the skin?

Does the product clog your pores?

My skin is irritated after using the product. What can I do?

I'm allergic to caffeine. Can I still use the product?

The product contains silicones - these are rather harmful, right?

Are there any toxic ingredients in the formula?

I have a sensitive skin, can I use the product?

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Remescar stands for Instant Corrective Skincare. The instant products of Remescar reduce eye bags and dark circles, diminish wrinkles and crow's feet, lift sagging eyelids and minimize open pores. The routine products of Remescar are maximizing the results of the instant products and give a healthy and glowing skin on a long term.

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