Remescar takes care of

hiding scars

Regular scars caused by light accidents

hiding burning marks and scars

Burn marks
Minor burn marks are now easy to cover up

hiding stretching marks after pregnancy or slimming

Stretch marks
Stretch marks by former pregnancy or loss of weight

hiding surgery scars

Surgery scars
Small marks left after surgery

hiding scars after laser treatment

Post laser scars
Visible wounds after a laser treatment

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Introducing the Remescar silicone scar stick

Remescar boxRemescar is an easy to use silicone stick designed for scar care. Remescar releases a transparent, thin and silicone base film which creates an ideal healing protective barrier. This helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, while aiding the healing of scar tissues resulting from surgery, burns, injuries, acne and stretch marks.

Use Remescar to reduce a scar’s length and height, to soften and flatten the scar tissues, to restore the skin to a more normal color and texture and to relieve burning, tingling and itching sensations.

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Remescar is designed for scar care. It reduces new and old scars. It can also be used as a preventive therapy on closed wounds to reduce scarring.

scar before using remescar
scar after using remescar

Now how does that work?

The solution is silicone! Our advanced silicone scar stick designed for scar care. Click here to discover its technology!

Discover the unique formula of Remescar

Tired of that little scar that asks too much attention by others? Time to get things covered up! The animation below shows the comfort of dealing with the little problem by using the Remescar Silicon Scar Stick.

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